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Plastic turnover basket

High-quality materials, wear-resistant, durable, flexible, strong bearing capacity.
Origin: Guangdong, Guangxi
Whether to import: No
Custom processing: Yes
Plastic products: HDPE
Ratio of pure material recycled material: 100% new material
Supply Type: Spot Standard Size
Uses: turnover, storage, etc.
Weight: 2kg
Specifications: 600*400*310
Wall thickness: 4-6 (mm)
Outer size: 600*400*310
Inner size: 526*365*300
Daily output: 1200
Print LOGO can
Capacity: 57.5L
Product features: high strength, good air permeability
Process: injection molding
Brand: Zhisen
Item No.: Dislocation Basket
Is it in stock: Yes
Main downstream platforms: Baidu,, Alibaba, Taobao
Main sales area: the whole country
Whether cross-border export exclusive supply source: no
Color: blue, red, white

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