Aquatic/seafood fish and shrimp packaging box customization

Support drawing proofing, sample customization, rich colors, waterproof, anti-corrosion, light weight, strong load-bearing, foldable, recyclable, long life.
Zhisen hollow board aquatic packaging box is a waterproof and environmentally friendly packaging material. It is a packaging box that uses hollow board as a material and has been processed. In the domestic environment where environmental protection is advocated, the hollow board seafood packaging box has been recognized by the majority of users, because the hollow board board is non-toxic and harmless, does not cause any harmful effects on food, and can keep seafood intact and fresh, so hollow board Plate seafood packaging box is an emerging seafood/agricultural product packaging material.
Product color: black, white, blue, green, red, yellow, purple; rich colors, the color of the seafood box and the surface printing, spray painting, stickers, etc. of the seafood box can be customized according to the individual requirements of the customer's product.
Product features: rich colors, waterproof, anti-corrosion, light weight, impact resistance, anti-aging, tensile resistance, compression resistance and other properties, large load capacity, high frequency of use, because the material of the hollow board seafood box is a hollow board material, it can be fully realized Recycling and reuse, green and environmental protection, in line with ROSH standards.
Applicable industries: suitable for packaging, transportation and turnover of fruits, vegetables and seafood.
Product Specifications: Thickness 2mm~6mm

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