Flame retardant fireproof hollow board

Support size/thickness customization, multiple colors, with the advantages of moisture-proof, anti-flame retardant, lighter, etc.

Flame-retardant hollow board, also called fire-resistant hollow board, means that during the production process, fire-resistant masterbatch is added to the raw materials to make it evenly dispersed in the hollow board material, so that it can burn in the event of a fire, but it will burn in 10 Naturally extinguish within 30 seconds, and will not drip black plastic burning material, and will not ignite the fireproof board or the objects under the box. Compared with cardboard structural products, hollow board has the advantages of moisture resistance, flame resistance, and lighter weight to replace cardboard. Printing, inkjet painting, stickers, etc. on the surface of the board are processed to produce various environmentally friendly products.

Product features: The flame retardant hollow board can be automatically extinguished after leaving the fire source, and will not become a fire-conducting material.


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