What security measures are there for the double-sided blow molding tray?

Publish Time: 2024-07-09
The safety measures of Double-sided blow molding tray mainly include the following aspects:

1. Material safety

Environmentally friendly and non-toxic: Double-sided blow molding tray is usually made of non-toxic, odorless and environmentally friendly materials, such as HDPE (high-density polyethylene) or PP (polypropylene), which will not release harmful substances and are harmless to the environment and human health.

Corrosion resistance: Since the materials used are mainly HDPE and PP, these materials have excellent corrosion resistance and can maintain stability in a variety of environments, reducing safety hazards caused by chemical corrosion.

2. Structural strength

Strong bearing capacity: Double-sided blow molding tray is designed with X-axis latitude ribs, Y-axis longitudinal ribs, and Z-axis vertical ribs to make its structure strong and strong bearing capacity. This design allows the tray to remain stable when carrying heavy objects and reduce the risk of cracking or deformation caused by overloading.

Support frame design: The tray contains at least two support frames, and the two ends of the panel are folded inward to enhance its bearing strength. At the same time, the cross section of the support frame is a semi-frame design, which reduces its own weight under the premise of reasonable strength, making the pallet lighter and more durable.

3. Anti-slip design

Surface anti-slip texture: The surface of the double-sided blow molding tray is usually designed with anti-slip texture. This design can effectively prevent the goods from sliding on the pallet, especially during transportation and storage, to ensure the stability and safety of the goods.

4. Edge treatment

Rounded edges: The edges of the pallet are rounded to avoid sharp corners during use, thereby reducing damage to operators or goods. This design reflects the consideration of user safety.

5. Compliance with standards

Compliance with industry standards: Double-sided blow molding trays follow relevant industry standards and regulations during the production process, such as size standards, load capacity, etc., to ensure their safety and reliability. These standards are usually formulated by authoritative organizations and are strictly tested and verified.

6. Safety specifications for use

Reasonable placement of goods: When using double-sided blow molding trays, relevant safety operation specifications should be followed, such as reasonable placement of goods to avoid safety hazards caused by overloading and unstable stacking.

Use a suitable forklift: During the handling process, a suitable forklift or other handling equipment should be used and operated in accordance with the operating specifications to ensure the safety of the pallet and goods.

In summary, the safety of the Double-sided blow molding tray is ensured by material safety, structural strength, anti-slip design, edge treatment, compliance with standards, and safety specifications to ensure its safety and reliability in various usage scenarios.

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