What impact does a high temperature environment have on the durability of plastic turnover baskets?

Publish Time: 2024-07-04
High temperature environment has a significant impact on the durability of plastic turnover baskets. Specifically, high temperature environment may cause the following changes in plastic turnover baskets, which in turn affect their durability:

1. Changes in physical properties

Softening and deformation: Plastic turnover baskets tend to soften at high temperatures, causing their shape to change. After being in a high temperature environment for a long time, the turnover basket may lose its original hardness and stability and become easy to deform. This deformation not only affects the appearance of the turnover basket, but may also reduce its load-bearing capacity and service life.

Changes in molecular structure: High temperature accelerates the movement of plastic molecular chains, resulting in a weakening of the intermolecular force, thereby changing the physical properties of the plastic turnover basket. This change may include reduced strength, poor toughness, etc., which in turn affects the durability of the turnover basket.

2. Changes in chemical properties

Oxidative aging: Plastic turnover baskets are prone to oxidation reactions under the combined action of high temperature and oxygen, leading to material aging. Oxidative aging can make the surface of the plastic turnover basket hard and brittle, and even crack and break, seriously affecting its durability.

Color changes: High temperature may also cause the color of the plastic turnover basket to change, such as fading or yellowing. Although color changes have relatively little effect on the durability of turnover baskets, they will affect their aesthetics and market value.

3. Precautions for use

Avoid long-term high temperature exposure: When using plastic turnover baskets in summer or high temperature environments, try to avoid exposing them to the sun for a long time. If you need to store them outdoors, it is recommended to use shade nets or tarpaulins and other shelters for protection.

Handle with care: When using plastic turnover baskets in high temperature environments, special attention should be paid to handling with care to avoid excessive impact and extrusion that may cause deformation or damage to the turnover baskets.

Choose the right material: Plastic turnover baskets of different materials have different durability in high temperature environments. For example, turnover baskets made of polypropylene (PP) have relatively good high temperature resistance, while turnover baskets made of polyethylene (PE) may be more susceptible to high temperatures. Therefore, when choosing plastic turnover baskets, you should choose the right material according to the specific use environment and needs.

In summary, high temperature environments have a significant impact on the durability of plastic turnover baskets. In order to ensure the long-term use of the turnover basket, it is recommended to avoid high temperature exposure, handle it with care, and choose appropriate materials during use.

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