How does the flame retardant fireproof hollow board achieve its flame retardant function?

Publish Time: 2024-06-20
Flame retardant fireproof hollow board realizes its flame retardant function mainly through the following aspects:

Raw material selection:

Flame retardant fireproof hollow board usually uses raw materials with flame retardant properties. These raw materials are specially designed in molecular structure or added with flame retardants and other ingredients, which can form a protective layer during combustion to prevent the spread of flames.

Addition of flame retardant:

Adding flame retardants to the raw materials of hollow board is the key to improving its flame retardancy. Flame retardants can be additive or reactive, which can enhance the dispersion effect and enhance the flame retardant power.

Flame retardants are mainly divided into several categories, including bromine antimony system, phosphorus nitrogen system and composite system. These flame retardants can play different flame retardant mechanisms during the combustion process, such as isolating air, releasing non-combustible gas, decomposing and producing flame retardant substances, etc.

Design of hollow structure:

The hollow structure of hollow board can play a role in blocking heat transfer to a certain extent. This structure helps to slow down the transfer rate of heat and reduce the risk of fire spread.

The role of external flame retardant:

In addition to adding flame retardants to the raw materials, external flame retardants can also be applied to the outer surface of the hollow board. This flame retardant can prevent oxygen from dispersing to the surface of the hollow board, further improving its flame retardant properties.

Use of inert gas:

In the manufacturing process of flame-retardant hollow boards, some flame-retardant inert gases can also be used. These gases can form a protective barrier inside the board to prevent the generation and spread of flammable gases.

Flame-retardant and fireproof hollow boards achieve their flame retardant function by selecting raw materials with flame retardant properties, adding flame retardants, designing hollow structures, using external flame retardants and inert gases. These measures can effectively reduce the risk of fire and protect people's lives and property.

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