Is the frame of the plastic turnover basket specially treated to improve its durability or impact resistance? What are the special treatment methods?

Publish Time: 2024-05-14
The frames of plastic turnover baskets are usually specially treated to improve their durability and impact resistance. This special treatment may include the use of high-strength materials such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or polypropylene (PP), which inherently offer good durability and impact resistance.

In addition, the frame design of the plastic turnover basket will also consider enhancing its durability. For example, the frame may have stiffeners, corrugated designs, or other structural reinforcements to increase its strength and toughness. These designs ensure that the plastic turnover basket can withstand heavy pressure and impact during use, thereby extending its service life.

The connection process is used to fix it to ensure the firmness and reliability of the connection.

UV protection:

For turnover baskets that are often used outdoors, UV protective agents or coatings can be added to resist UV damage to the materials.

Color processing:

By adding masterbatch or pigment, the turnover baskets can be given different colors for easy classification and identification.

Anti-static treatment:

For occasions where anti-static is required, the turnover basket can be treated with anti-static to reduce the generation and accumulation of static electricity.

Custom processing:

According to customer needs, the turnover baskets are customized, such as changing the size, adding special logos, adjusting colors, etc.

These special processing methods can be selected and combined according to specific application scenarios and needs to achieve the best performance and effects.

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