Choosing the right adhesive for corrugated cardboard packaging

Publish Time: 2024-01-11
Choosing the right adhesive is crucial for corrugated cardboard packaging to ensure the strength and stability of the package. Here are some commonly used adhesive options:

1. Hot melt adhesive: Hot melt adhesive is a commonly used adhesive for corrugated cardboard. It becomes liquid at high temperatures and solidifies quickly after cooling. Hot melt adhesive has strong adhesion and impact resistance, providing a stable packaging effect. In addition, hot melt adhesives offer high speed and productivity and are solvent-free.

2. Water-based adhesive: Water-based adhesive is an environmentally friendly adhesive composed of water, resin and additives. Water-based adhesives need to cure through a drying process after application to form a strong bond. Water-based adhesives usually have good adhesion and moisture resistance and are suitable for general corrugated cardboard packaging.

3. UV light-curing adhesive: UV light-curing adhesive is a fast-curing adhesive that requires UV irradiation to cure. UV light-curing glue has the advantage of rapid curing and can improve production efficiency. It also has high adhesion and weather resistance, making it suitable for corrugated cardboard packaging that requires higher strength and durability.

4. Double-sided tape: Double-sided tape is a tape with a sticky adhesive layer coated on both sides, which can easily bond different materials or objects together. Double-sided tape can quickly bond different parts in corrugated cardboard packaging, providing a quick and convenient packaging solution.

When choosing an adhesive, you need to consider the following factors:

- Strength requirements: According to the weight and needs of the packaging, select the appropriate adhesive type and quality to ensure the strength and stability of the packaging.

- Storage conditions: Consider the environment in which your packaging will be used and choose an adhesive that can withstand the conditions.

- Environmental protection requirements: If you need to meet environmental protection requirements, choosing water-based adhesives or other environmentally friendly adhesives is a good choice.

To sum up, choosing the right adhesive is an important part of corrugated cardboard packaging. You can choose based on factors such as packaging needs, strength requirements, environmental conditions, and environmental protection requirements. It is recommended that some testing be done prior to actual application to ensure that the chosen adhesive will meet your needs.

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